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About us

At LKS, we teach you why & how to style.

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What is LKS(Learn Key To Style)?

LKS is an organization where we teach and transform people to look the best version of themselves.
Fashion and styling is a very misunderstood concept, it is believed that it’s not for the smart and serious people, it’s for the people who have nothing to do.

Fashion is stuck to a particular class of people and when it comes to taking fashion as a career it is believed that people who cannot do anything do Fashion.
I would like to clarify both the concept, although many of you believe that you don’t know fashion still you know enough to dress up every day according to the climatic condition, to whom you are going to meet and etc. Fashion is both expression and a way of aligning ourselves with our cultures and community. Fashion has the power to change the world, but not if we don’t take it seriously.
Here at LKS we just help you to wear the right clothing at the right place with the right people. 
LKS serves people who are more beautiful than what they have believed or made to believe. Just making small changes in your wardrobe makes a huge change in your style.
In your journey of enhancing your beauty, we will make sure that your style and traditional sentiments do not hurt.
Fashion is an industry that is valued at $2.4 trillion annually, which is almost 325 dollars per person annually, and if you still believe that the fools do fashion, I really want you to give it a serious thought. 
Fashion is not only an art it is also a science, it needs talent and a sense of appeal for creation that makes it an art. But it also involves technique, research, studying, observation, and experimentation that makes it a science.

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